Managing vegetation at your rental property

Keep that vegetation in line!

Plants, trees, and all things vegetation, while beautiful, can pose potential problems. Vegetation inching too close to the actual building is an issue we see pretty regularly. It's not a guarantee this will be a problem but vegetation that’s within 3 feet of the building can turn into a superhighway for rodents and insects. Squirrels are very good at jumping and rats can squeeze into a hole the size of a quarter. Nobody likes these guys living in the house.

A good rule of thumb is to keep trees and bushes trimmed back to a point where you could walk between the structure and the vegetation. This is particularly problematic for rental properties because many times (unfortunately) tenants aren’t proactive in keeping the shrubbery trimmed. Because some owners and/or landscapers aren’t at the property on a regular basis, this can turn into a potential issue over just a few months' time.

The best way to prevent this is to simply visit the property every few months and have a look. Bring a pair of hedge trimmers and have yourself a good prune. With larger trees, it’s generally best to hire an arborist to cut down any branches that may be a launching point for critters.

The other thing that’s important to do is make sure your crawl spaces and attics are free of any entry points for rodents and such to find a new home inside your property.

If you’re suspicious that you have a pest problem we’d recommend bringing out a professional that can thoroughly inspect and troubleshoot the entire property. They can set traps, close off entry points, and identify potential future issues to have on your radar.

Maintaining the vegetation around the property is pretty simple that can save you headaches as a landlord. Please reach out to RentalRiff if you have any questions!