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We believe in people. We put our time, effort, and resources into creating a team of phenomenal human beings.

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It started with a move

When our founder and his wife moved from Seattle to a different state, they decided to keep their house as a rental property. After interviewing several property management firms they were blown away by the cost for a service they could largely do on their own. That said, they wanted someone local who could help with maintenance and be a familiar face for their tenants.

A local contractor, Pete, had done some work on their house - they knew he was skilled, friendly, very punctual, and had the flexibility to be at the house quickly. Pete liked the idea of watching over the house and generating some additional income. The tenants, property owners, and Pete all valued the arrangement and RentalRiff was born.

Empathetic service

We aim to make every owner and their tenants know they are heard, valued, and deserve prompt and attentive solutions. We are committed to building long lasting relationships with honesty, professionalism, and excellent service.

Compassionate communication

Every property is an investment and a home. We recognize that each repair, replacement, or property turnover has an effect on the property owner and the residents living there. Each interaction is handled with care - at the end of the day our job is to help people. We’re making our customers’ lives better and we’ll deliver, with understanding and approachability, on this promise from start to resolution.

Always with intention

We are passionate about our level of service and helping others. Customers choose us because they trust our brand and people. We earn that trust by ensuring everything we do is reliable, consistent, and with the highest level of integrity. Our vested interest in people-first is also the reason why we share ownership in RentalRiff with our Property Specialists.

Meet some of our property specialists

Pete Hanks

Seattle metro

I grew up in Rhode Island working on historical houses with my dad. In 2009 I moved to Seattle and started my own small remodeling business. I appreciate that all clients have different needs and work hard to exceed them. On a personal level, I'm a musician, vegetarian, and animal rights advocate.

Jerod Smith

Tacoma | Olympia

After high school I went into corrosion plating for the aerospace and military industries—this led to a career in commercial and industrial maintenance. I started my own company focused on residential maintenance and have worked on everything between the crawl space and the attic.

Kelsey Maxa

Seattle metro

Originally from Minnesota, I moved to Seattle 8 years ago and found my calling in the world of home projects, design, organizing, and real estate. I currently own and operate my own handyman business. When I'm not working, you can most likely find me on a mountain in the Cascades.

Bobby Deaton


I grew up in North Carolina, working with my Dad and Grandpa building new construction homes. Now I’m a fourth generation Licensed Contractor running a home repair business in Bend, Oregon. Over the years, I’ve learned that effective communication is most important to my business.