Case Study: Multifamily Housing Provider

Attain Housing has a fantastic mission and we're happy to call them a customer.

We have many different customer types here at RentalRiff, and one of the best use cases is for operators of small multifamily portfolios. In many cases, it doesn’t make financial sense for an owner/operator of 10-60 doors to hire a full-time maintenance person - there simply isn’t the volume to justify the cost. Alternatively, facilitating maintenance in-house (i.e. receiving tenant requests, finding a contractor, collecting bids, coordinating a time, and making sure the work is done properly) can eat up a lot of time and money.

A great example of this use case is our customer Attain Housing. Attain is a wonderful organization that provides housing for families transitioning out of homelessness. They have 37 doors spread across 6 locations in the Seattle area. 

Attain’s executive director, Natalie struggled to find a maintenance person and was facilitating tenant requests herself (on top of a myriad of other duties as executive director). For Natalie, RentalRiff checked all the boxes:

  • Tenants reach out directly to their property specialist with any maintenance needs - there’s no longer a need for Attain to facilitate these requests.
  • The cost of working with RentalRiff is significantly less than hiring a full-time maintenance person.
  • Attain, with RentalRiff, can provide its tenants with a great support system.
  • Attain can access the entire RentalRiff network in the Seattle area - other property specialists and our local vendor network.

“As a social worker helping homeless families access stable housing, property and facility maintenance is not my forte. RentalRiff has been an amazing resource for my agency and our residents. They have the know-how and expertise in property maintenance that I simply don’t have. They are responsive to both my agency needs and the needs of my families and I trust that they will get the job done well, quickly, and will communicate all along the way.” - Stephanie, Facilities Director at Attain

On top of the ad hoc maintenance work we provide Attain, we also help with turnovers and run a custom preventative maintenance plan (each unit receives a bi-annual preventative maintenance visit). Both of these additional services (which are included in their monthly plan) ensure Attain’s properties are well-kept and reduce the number of emergencies and costly repair work.

We are proud of the fact that we can play a small part in helping Attain with their mission. Thank you Attain Housing for the work you do!