Getting the most from RentalRiff

Cara S. is a real estate investor and happy customer of RentalRiff.
A photo of a teal house with white trim and fall foliage in the foreground.

Cara’s Seattle single family home is her largest and most important investment. When building a process for managing her rental there were three things she focused on:

• Tenant retention
• Managing costs
• Maintaining the physical integrity of the property

Cara knows that tenant retention is a crucial element of a profitable rental - she wanted to provide a great support system for her renters. Property management firms had proven to be a headache and very costly, Cara knew that was not a route she wanted to go.

Using the combination of RentalRiff with free landlord software service Cozy (which she used to advertise the property, screen applicants and collect rent), Cara was able to create a profitable rental property with tremendous support for her tenants (who have re-signed several leases). With maintenance work included in RentalRiff’s monthly fees, the tenants don’t hesitate to reach out to their property specialist and large, unexpected costs are greatly reduced.

Additionally, her property has remained in great shape due to regular maintenance and a property specialist who knows the property inside and out. Cara has been able to effectively manage the rental while being hands off - her tenants simply reach out to the property specialist for all things property-related.